A Night of Creative Celebration at the 2015 Manny Awards

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In this business, we often grumble about the many restrictions we face as we try to tell our brand stories. At the 26th Annual Manny Awards, none of these struggles were evident. Only the thrill of seeing creative progress come to healthcare communications.

Josh Prince, President of the CDM Group and the 2015 Industry Person of the Year, put it well when he said that we in healthcare advertising deserve to have our brand stories told even better than say, fast food or tennis shoe brands.

This years Manny Awards was proof that we are slowly and steadily raising the collective game of our business.

As we know, what is said for genius is also true for creativity, that it is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. The perspiration of lifting your fragile idea from its deathbed numerous times, the sweat of dozens of tense meetings and carefully worded presentations trying to communicate its brilliance to others, the anxiety of the few bold clients who sell it up the ladder.

The Manny Awards celebrates the passion, perseverance, and courage needed to develop great creative work and protect it throughout the process. Its a salute to those who are willing to spend the time and the emotional energy to make their idea just a little bit cooler, clearer, more provocative, more unexpected.

So heres to the tireless, courageous risk-takers. Those who saw their efforts come to a happy place at the 2015 Manny Awards with a statue and a stage-top photograph. And to those who keep plugging away, anonymously, and continue to believe that healthcare communications can be and must be the most thought-provoking, inspiring, and memorable communications out there.

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Joan Wildermuth
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