A Shot of JUICE: Colleen Katzman Talks About Driving Change at the XX in Health Retreat

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As a recognized leader in health and wellness, Colleen Katzman prepares to take part in the XX in Health Retreat. The goal of this invitation-only event is to bring together visionaries in the healthcare field to share ideas and drive change. In this 1-on-1 interview, Colleen discusses her role in the retreat and the timely session she will be heading up, entitled “Part-Time Publicist—Building Your Personal Brand.”

JOAN WILDERMUTH: Hello, I’m Joan Wildermuth and I’m here with Colleen Katzman. Welcome to A Shot of JUICE.


JOAN: I’m glad I caught you ’cause I hear that you are about to take part in an extraordinary event.

COLLEEN: I am. I’m participating in the XX in Health Retreat—an initiative of Rock Health—in Sausalito, California this week.

JOAN: This is an amazing honor. It’s an invitation-only event where they bring together women who are recognized as leaders and visionaries in the field of health and wellness.

COLLEEN: It is an honor, Joan. And as you said, it’s women from across the country who have an interest in health and an interest in technology and the intersection of both.

JOAN: I also understand that you are a leader at this retreat and you are heading up a really incredible session.

COLLEEN: I am. I was asked to lead a session around building your own personal brand, which is very interesting and very important to us as women in leadership positions, to define our brand and build that through tools like social media.

JOAN: And this is important for each one of us, but particularly the more you become in a leadership position, the more important it is to control your influence out in the world.

COLLEEN: It is important. You really want to be driving that conversation about who you are and what your brand is and having a well-defined brand is critical.

JOAN: When you were talking to me about this the other day, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the idea of actually building my own personal brand.

COLLEEN: It can be overwhelming. I think what’s really important and what we’re going to be talking about at XX in Health is having a very sound strategy, being very deliberate about what your brand is, and how you can leverage those tools in social media to help build it and define it and control it.

JOAN: Well I look forward to hearing more from you next week when you come back and you can share all the learnings you got from the XX in Health Retreat.

COLLEEN: That’s great. Thank you, Joan.

JOAN: Thank you.

COLLEEN: See you next week.

JOAN: See you.

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