A Shot of JUICE: Excitement Builds for World Orphan Drug Congress 2014

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New ideas and collaboration abound at the World Orphan Drug Congress. Florian Brey and I discuss the events we’re most excited about and the action we’ve got planned at the JUICE booth. After you watch our video (or read the transcript) be sure you check back in the next few weeks to download a full report of all the essential takeaways.

ANNE DAVISON: Hi, I’m Anne, and welcome to “A Shot of JUICE.” I’m here today with Florian.  We’re getting ready to head to Washington, DC for the World Orphan Drug Congress.

FLORIAN BREY, MD: Thank you, Anne. We’re super excited about our participation, because as an agency we have a lot of passion and a lot of commitment for rare diseases. But also because this event is designed around the collaboration, designed around bringing people together, which is more crucial probably than in any other field of medicine, in order to be able to provide viable treatment options for those patients.

AD: And this year we’ll be sponsoring a booth. We’ll be able to share some of our case studies on how we’ve dealt with challenges in launching and marketing orphan drugs. Jonathan Brady, SVP, Digital Strategy, and I will be at the booth—and I know, Florian, you’re looking forward to attending some of the sessions.

FB: That’s right. And what’s really exciting about the sessions is that they are covering such a broad range. There’s going to be a lot of sessions around science, research and development, but there is also going to be sessions that are patient-centric, that are going to be looking at advocacy groups, at patient groups.

AD: And we know collaboration is essential for building strong partnerships online in social media. We’ll be attending those sessions, too, and we look forward to coming back next week and sharing with you some of our learnings.

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