A Shot Of JUICE: Thought-Provoking Ideas from the XX in Health Retreat

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When leaders in health and wellness come together to drive change in healthcare, Colleen Katzman is there. In this interview she shares insights from the recent XX in Health Retreat, including her session about building your own personal brand.

JOAN WILDERMUTH: Hello, I’m Joan Wildermuth and I’m here with Colleen Katzman.  Welcome back to “A Shot of JUICE.” And Colleen, welcome back from California and the XX in Health Retreat.

COLLEEN KATZMAN: Thanks, Joan, It’s great to be back.

JW: At this gathering of leaders in health and wellness, what was the most thought-provoking aspect?

CK: I was surrounded by brilliance. The women from XX in Health were so inspiring. We spent most of the day talking about how to improve health we really need to reinvent it.

JW: And what do you mean by that?

CK: It’s about going beyond the pill, providing support and services that help people stay well, moving away from sick care toward true healthcare.

JW: And you headed up a presentation on the importance of building your own personal brand. How did that go?

CK: We had a blast. It was a lot of fun. I think that when you consider all of the brands that we market in our lifetime, the most important brand is our own personal brand. And it’s important to have a very thoughtful strategy and focus as you’re building your brand.

JW: We will be posting your presentation on our site and on Slide Share, so that people can understand the framework behind building their own personal brand and actually do it themselves.

CK: Oh, that’s fantastic.  I hope that the tools and the templates are helpful.

JW: So come on back to see Colleen’s presentation and to learn more about what’s next in health and wellness.



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