ASCO 2016: Understanding Genetics and Genomics

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Good evening from Chicago! Today, ASCO kicked off with some great educational sessions.

In the “Genetic and Genomic Testing in Oncology Care,” session we learned about the latest thinking in cancer genetics, risk assessment, and how to incorporate genetic testing and counseling into patient care.

Advancements in understanding genomics, both of the patient and the tumor, is helping to improve patient care through targeting therapy choices for known single gene driver mutations in the frontline setting, and in more advanced stages where patients have seen multiple lines of therapy and there aren’t clear choices for what comes next.

While improved identification of driver mutations in the tumor can help identify the right therapy, knowing the germline genome can avoid the wrong treatment. Dr. Howard McLeod from Moffit Cancer Center discussed how the germline genome can influence treatment exposure and toxicity and is therefore a growing part of positively affecting patient outcomes.

It was exciting to hear about how far genomic testing has come in the last fifteen years and I’m looking forward to seeing all the presentations on improvements in precision medicine throughout the conference.

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Mark Breckenridge, PhD
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