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On April 9, 1965, about 70 members of ASCO gathered in a room in Philadelphia together with the American Association for Cancer Research (which was much bigger and well established at the time) for a single day-long meeting. During this year’s 50th annual event at Chicago’s McCormick Place, a convention platform of titanic magnitude, the air was abuzz with anticipation as more than 25,000 oncologists, clinicians, and other experts from a wide range of specialties filled its meeting rooms, forming the world’s principal international scientific meeting on clinical oncology.

Our downloadable report captures the experience of attending the event, focusing on the latest practice-changing and cutting-edge science in oncology. You will find high-level summaries of core areas as well as observations on emerging trends in the science of treating cancer.

JUICE remains committed to helping you keep current with new findings in the science and treatment of cancer, and we hope that you will find the our report useful.

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