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I’m so excited to share our first installment in an ongoing series of Behind the Scenes videos. Take a look as the JUICE team creates ColorPunch assets for print, web, and interactive video. What can you expect to see? Fuchsia, yellow, orange, purple, scarlet, and blue. Forty boxes of pigment, 1 Phantom high-speed camera, 2 serving spoons, 1 incredibly accurate air gun, 43 white shirts, and hundreds of 8-oz red Solo cups.

When it comes to healthcare professional and consumer production, many agencies farm out the work to production companies, which then take on the bulk of the creative asset development.

Michael Kaminski, SVP, Director of Production

Michael Kaminski, SVP, Director of Production

At JUICE, we take a different approach—especially when it comes to creating content that will be leveraged over multiple channels. Because these days, the lines between web, mobile, video, and print not only connect, they overlap. It’s our job to think ahead to create the most dynamic platform-correct content in the most efficient way possible.

So, we do it all—soup to nuts. And if there’s ever a time that we delegate to outside professionals, it’s because they’re simply better at certain things than we could ever be. They’re award-winning commercial, film, and video directors who are coveted in the industry for their groundbreaking talent. Or world-class production companies that rival the best special effects and animation coming right out of Hollywood. In fact, one of our recent high-science videos included animated effects from one of the post-production
wizards of the Ironman series.

It’s all about starting at the source.

Let’s face it, content is king. Even with all the bells and whistles, a great script can make or break a video experience. That’s why my JUICE Production team gets deeply involved with our writers and art directors at the beginning of the process to ensure that their vision—and their clients’—can be executed at the highest level. Contributing our talent for storytelling with a clear understanding of the strategic goals of the brand ensures a better end-product that, ultimately, will help move the marketing needle.

It’s all about having a passion for pushing the boundaries of ever-changing technology in service to an industry that thrives on innovation. It’s about utilizing the surround-sound of apps, tablet, desktop, broadcast, and interactive video to complement and enhance the pharma marketing mix. And it’s about love. Because when you love what you do—it shows.

This ColorPunch Behind the Scenes video may look like Holi, the Hindu festival—but it’s just JUICE Pharma having the time of our lives. And after you check it out, go to the JUICE website and get in on the action with the ColorPunch interactive experience!

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