The Best Mobile Websites 2014

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People are increasingly using their smartphones to access websites, so it’s become imperative to not just create a mobile website for your brand, but to create a GREAT one. Alec Pollak, Director of User Experience and Content Marketing, Phil Scherer, SVP, Associate Creative Director and myself from JUICE together with Mark Bard, Co-Founder from the Digital Health Coalition have produced 2 key reports, one for consumers and one for healthcare professionals, which identify the Best of the Best Mobile Websites and what exactly sets them apart from the rest. These findings were presented recently at the Mobile Engagement Forum in Chicago.

In essence, these reports identify 4 key elements for developing stellar mobile websites: Design, Touch, Content, and Speed. Each element is described in detail with best practices examples. For instance, for the element of Touch, the report describes how creating an interface that is nimble, straightforward, and efficient greatly impacts the mobile interface and the report provides practical examples to illustrate each of these attributes.

You can get the full reports for free. Simply download here.

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