Best New App: Emotit for President

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Ten years of MIT science powers Emotit for President, an app that brings the experience of the crowds reaction directly to the user. Emotit for President provides an emotionally curated feed of video content by harnessing the power of facial recognition software. The app provides the moments from the video that show the highest levels of engagement. Emotit for President uses intelligent video to take the temperature of the audience in a video and then collects and compares it to your emotional responses as you watch the same video.

Sign in to the app and answer a few demographic questions before you begin watching a campaign or debate video. After using your smartphone’s camera to assess your reactions, the app serves up your responses in categories like Republican, Democrat, Independent; male or female.

The emotional metrics derived from facial recognition software could have great utility in pharma for market research, validation of video content, and more. This powerful algorithm can take the temperature of the audience and put the power of facial recognition in the palm of our hands and thats why Im nominating Emotit for President for Best New App.

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