Best New Platform or Service: iQ media

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Intelligent searches for new media

In just a few years, the media landscape has exploded from a handful of outlets to a sprawling jungle of user-generated content. Understanding how brands live in these spaces has become a daunting task, and things aren’t getting easier. Every other week there’s another fresh-faced media startup making its debut, and brand teams are reeling. It’s never been harder to get an accurate snapshot of a brand’s footprint, but iQ media has set out to change that.

iQ media has developed an intelligence platform that puts the power of an entire strategy team into one dashboard. A single keyword search pulls relevant, cross-platform content for insight on paid, earned, shared, and owned media, and logo recognition technology ensures a complete picture of where a brand stands. iQ media empowers users to follow the story of exactly when, where, and why brands are interacting with people in both new and traditional media. 

From a strategic standpoint, it’s the system that enables brands to keep abreast of their positions in an ever-changing market. And that’s why we’re nominating iQ media for the Best New Platform or Service.

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Anne Davison
SVP, Strategic Planning/Business Development

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