Best New Platform or Service: Withings

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Current tracking devices have opened up a whole new space for users to track their health. However, there are many limitations with what’s currently available. To track your movement using your smartphone, you need to always have it with you, and for devices such as the Fitbit, you must make a decision to wear it all the time. Understandably, compliance goes down measurably over time.

Withings is a company pushing a new model of connected healthcare that is seamlessly integrating the internet into our homes and daily lives. This is why I am nominating Withings for Best New Platform or Service.

Withings has developed a whole suite of devices that are powerful, but easy to use. One such device, Aura, tracks your sleep with a wifi-connected pad placed under your mattress. You never see the technology at work, yet it’s getting inputs to determine how well you are sleeping. Withings’ wifi-connected scale detects your heart rate through your feet and can also tell you the weather as you weigh yourself in the morning. All of the devices focus on a 360-degree approach to healthcare: weight management, active lifestyle choices, sleeping better, environmental air quality control, and strengthening the heart. And they all connect to a comprehensive app that gathers data to form a more complete picture of your health over time.

Having all this information puts the power of knowledge into a patient’s hands, enabling them to proactively take charge of their health. This is a powerful platform for preventive healthcare and for changing the dialogue between patients and their HCPs.

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