Best New Platform or Service: Smart Vending

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In 2008 the number of connected devices on the planet surpassed the number of human inhabitants devices that connect to car, home, virtual reality. These physical objects that are able to collect and exchange data are collectively known as “IOT” the Internet of Things.

Thanks to IOT, Coca-Cola has given the 75-year-old technology of vending machines a makeover. Coke views vending machines as worldwide retail stores that collect data on their customers, becoming digital content platforms that can deliver a seamless pathway to refreshment and reward.

Imagine a fleet of smart vending machines in pharmacies across the country offering a seamless pathway to health and reward. These smart vending machines deliver and engage in beyond the pill condition management program for people with chronic conditions, right at the point of sale, when they pick up their prescription. Customers approach our health vending machine, tap their smart phone and are instantly connected to content and micro-awards, providing them that pathway to better health.

We eliminate the barrier of downloading an app by integrating our program with Android Pay and IOS, just like Coke. Customers can continually visit the machine, getting updates, and collecting more rewards as they go. These rewards can be transferred to a pharmacy loyalty card, offering consumers coupons and discounts on products they already buy, continuing to motivate them to stick with their pathway to better health.

Consumers with chronic conditions visit pharmacies far more frequently than they do their doctor. It’s a natural fit to have a smart and connected fleet of health education dispensing machines at the pharmacy, helping to address the challenges of managing chronic conditions. It can have massive implications for the pharmaceutical industry and for healthcare in our country.

And that’s why I’m nominating Smart Vending machines, thanks to the Internet of Things, for the JUICE GameChanger Best New Platform or Service.

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Joyce Griggs
SVP, Client Services, @griggsnyc

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