Best New Platform or Service: Yes Health

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When it comes to health, 86 million people need help making better decisions every single day. Thats because these people have prediabetes, a reversible condition characterized by elevated glucose levels in the blood.

Yes Health provides a 16-week service, powered by technology and an integrated team of human coaches, that gives prediabetic people feedback and tools allowing them to eat healthier and exercise better. Yes Health creates a plan customized for individuals based on their needs and then uses the proven power of human encouragement, reinforcement, and guidance to ensure that goals can be met.

Snap a picture of your meal with the Yes Health app: A coach will get back to you with an evaluation and suggestions. Upload your workout: A fitness coach will provide you positive reinforcement and tips on how to keep improving.

For addressing an unmet need in a fun way, and for its power to effect change in the lives of large numbers of people, we are nominating Yes Health for Best New Platform or Service.

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Jonathan Brady
SVP, Director of Digital Strategy

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