Best New Service or Platform? YouNow

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Livestreaming has come into the fore with tremendous impact, and it’s bigger than you realize. You can have your own talk show. It’s live! It’s free! You choose the topic and just start talking. Create a searchable hashtag and people can tune in.

The YouNow platform gives individuals the power to broadcast and video chat live with people from around the country and around the world. You can create a community and essentially entertain followers for an hour or so every day. It’s like having your own broadcast network.

Check out some of the broadcasts and try to imagine what you could do for yourself, your community, or your brand. Imagine a patient advocate who talks to people with a certain condition like every day encouraging encouraging, educating, simply relating.

I nominate YouNow as a JUICE Healthcare GameChanger for Best Platform or Service.

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Forrest King
Managing Partner, Chief Innovation Officer

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