Best New Social Media or User Generated Content: Virus Tracker

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Do you like zombies? Then you are going to love Virus Tracker, my nomination for Best Use of Social Media or User Generated Content.

Virus Tracker is an educational app designed by researchers at the Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech to educate the public about how infectious diseases are spread and the importance of vaccination.

Through this app, users also generate data to help real-life scientists understand how diseases spread through human social contact networks.

The app is designed to demonstrate epidemic. Score points by passing on your zombie virus to other players or by curing them with the latest vaccine. As you play, the game creates a map of all your interactions.

Virus Tracker is a fun way to learn about infectious disease, social networks, and vaccination strategies while helping researchers. That is why I am nominating Virus Tracker for Best Use of Social Media or User Generated Content.

Spread the zombie virus for science!

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