Best New Wearable: Bionic Pancreas

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The continual monitoring required to keep type 1 diabetes in check is burdensome to say the least. But until a cure is found, a group from Boston University and Massachusetts General Hospital is creating something to reduce the impact of diabetes in a way that can only be described as superhuman. Meet the Bionic Pancreas.

Expected to receive FDA approval in 2017, the Bionic Pancreas is engineered to monitor blood glucose every 5 minutes via a sensor, transmit the data to an iPhone to determine appropriate dosing response, and then administer the designated dose of insulin or glucagon automatically.

For the Bionic Pancreas, that’s 288 dosing decisions a day. Which means that for the person with type 1 diabetes, they don’t have to make any. This is why The Bionic Pancreas is a JUICE GameChanger Best New Wearable Award nominee.

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Colleen McGinn
Colleen McGinn is a VP, Group Art Supervisor at JUICE Pharma.

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