Best New Wearable or Device: OneBreath

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Almost half of the people who get cancer are diagnosed late in the progression of the disease, which makes treatment less likely to succeed and reduces the chance of their survival. Lung cancer is one of the most deadly cancers and often is diagnosed in late-stage disease.

So imagine the implications of a simple breath test that makes early detection of lung cancer a reality. That’s OneBreath, a patented technology that analyzes a patients exhaled breath to determine if they have lung cancer.

This breath analysis technology uses a microchip to help capture organic compounds in the breath that are associated with cancer. OneBreath is noninvasive, provides early detection and reduces the patient’s exposure to costly, high-risk medical procedures. With an amazingly high level of accuracy, OneBreath allows for early detection and eliminates many biopsies resulting from traditional detection methodologies that may not be needed. It’s easy to use, accessible, and less expensive than current diagnostics. Best of all, this platform technology has the potential to diagnose other cancers and diseases.

Earlier diagnosis increases the chances of a better outcome and that’s why I’m nominating OneBreath from Breath Diagnostics for the JUICE GameChanger Award for Best New Device.

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Joyce Griggs
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