Best New Wearable: Focal Upright Seat

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It’s a constant workplace activity and something we all do: sitting. But did you know it’s bad for you?

Sitting all day can be as detrimental to your health as maintaining a smoking habit. It induces uneven compression of the spine, causing pain and poor posture, and there’s seemingly no escape.

People in office and sedentary jobs are especially at risk. Sitting in front of a screen for hours on end means bad news for backs everywhere. Office workers are contributing to an escalating health crisis, but how do we stop it?

Unfortunately, standing all day can be just as bad for you. So what is a person to do? Enter Focal Upright Furniture, an innovative product design company that has come up with the perfect middle ground. Their “active upright” seat allows you to garner the benefits of both sitting and standing concurrently. This means you avoid the repercussions of sitting all day, while enjoying the productivity that comes with a healthy back.

I’m nominating the Focal Upright Seat as Best New Wearable. Having personally given it a test sit, I can confirm that it positively encourages an upright posture without placing all the pressure on your feet that standing does. It encourages constant motion, while helping to increase blood and oxygen flow for improved mental focus.

Making this small change in your daily life may have a large impact on improved health and well-being. I can’t wait to get mine!

This is why I think the Focal Upright Seat should win the JUICE GameChanger’s Best New Wearable Award. Come back soon for more updates on the latest from SXSW and JUICE GameChangers!

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