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Some would argue that we’re living in the future. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and one company has developed a new piece of hardware that is making it easier to see the merits of that argument.

Thalmic Labs Inc. has created a device that integrates motion and control into a wearable. Myo is an armband that detects electrical impulses in the arm muscles and relays them to many of the computer applications used in everyday life. The sensors in this wearable detect the muscle movements used for specific hand gestures, allowing for touch-free control of any number of applications.

Before the invention of wearables like Myo, the power of gesture control only lived in movies like Minority Report, but today, fiction meets real-world application. The MyoMarket features a library of plugins that can be used for hands-free control of a multitude of different software applications, ranging from presentation navigation, to web surfing, to gaming. The list is long and growing.

Myo’s reach could also extend into the professional marketplace. For instance, its use in healthcare technology could improve analysis of medical diagnoses, or go so far as to actually enhance some medical procedures.

The technology behind this device can create an astounding boost in productivity, make presentations more fluid and dynamic, and greatly enhance the entertainment experience. For these reasons, I nominate the Myo Gesture Control Armband for Best New Wearable.

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