Best New Wearable: Ringly

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It’s the age-old plight of the smartphone user—how to be plugged in without being glued to your phone. Here’s a solution that will throw you for a (literal) loop: Ladies, it’s time to put a ring on it with Ringly.

Ringly is a ring with a precious or semi-precious gemstone that conceals a mechanism that allows you to receive: phone call, email, text, reminder, calendar, and other app notifications—all through a gentle vibration on your finger. 

Ringly is nominated for the JUICE GameChanger Best New Wearable Award because its technology is completely applicable to adherence in healthcare. Doctors are constantly concerned about compliance with their patients, and this is exactly where Ringly can help. A patient prescribed multiple medications can set an alert for each, creating distinct vibrations to indicate each medication’s reminder.

Useful function, beautiful aesthetic, fashionable appearance: this is why Ringly is nominated for Best New Wearable. Check back to read about the other JUICE GameChanger Award nominations at SXSW2015!

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