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A large part of forming a sound marketing strategy entails gaining insight on the conversations taking place on social media channels. Social media and the interconnectivity of the Information Age have cultivated an environment in which meaningful discussions happen whether you’re a part of them or not. However, not everyone is convinced.

Gaining useful insight can’t happen without client buy-in, and some might be reluctant to try an untested platform without understanding its value. As with any novel approach to market research, it merits a convincing proposition to nudge a reluctant client into a new era.

Enter MDigital Life. It has created a database of verified HCPs—broken down by their specialty and the networks they frequent—empowering us to identify KOLs and where they are having meaningful conversations. With MDigital Life, we can show our clients where to participate in conversations that matter.

This new service proves to our clients, the value of focusing our efforts on new channels through a tangible, easy-to-understand platform. It points out the needle in an information haystack, so we can provide real connections at crucial touchpoints in a demonstrable way. That is why I’m nominating  MDigital Life for Best New Service.

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Alec Pollak
VP, Director of User Experience and Content Marketing

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