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We deserve to be healthy, but because we work hard and play hard, we don’t always have time to track down an immunization clinic. Getting the flu isn’t something we think about until we’re lying in a miserable mountain of crumpled tissues.

For those who don’t have time for a proactive stance on health, there’s now a service that makes it even easier. UberHEALTH is linking a disruptive transportation model with something we could all be taking part in—preemptive healthcare.

This service puts on-demand nurses in our pockets with Uber’s expansive network of drivers. Too cold out? Raining? Snowing? Don’t feel like leaving home? Wherever you are, you’re one click away from immunization. Currently, UberHEALTH ferries vaccine-wielding nurses all over New York, DC, Boston, and Chicago to ensure you’re getting the right foot forward on the flu season.

UberHEALTH has a healthcare convoy that gives you the power to conquer flu season from home. It’s the perfect immunization platform for the extremely busy or the terribly lazy. This marriage of fresh tech with essential healthcare is why I’m nominating UberHEALTH for Best Service.

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Alana Cowan
VP, Group Art Supervisor

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