Best Social Media Platform: Meerkat

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Integrating live video broadcasting with Twitter’s easy interaction is Meerkat, a fast-rising social media platform allowing on-the-fly interaction and discussion of streaming content. Naturally, our first thought was to apply Meerkat’s usability to the healthcare realm—consider the potential for instantaneous KOL and patient interaction if health-related webcasts were posted via Meerkat. The ability to share up-to-date medical information while maximizing interactivity has earned Meerkat a JUICE GameChanger Award nomination in the category of Best Social Media Platform.

Best Social Media Platform: Meerkat

We’ve wholeheartedly hopped on the Meerkat bandwagon, but be warned: There’s some shifty competition out there trying to quash our furry friend! Watch the video above to find out whose meddling with Meerkat (hint: the claws are out) and why.

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