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How do you go about creating a social media platform people will use? “You have to start with fun.” That, according to Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, is the key to the success of a social media platform. In order for tweeting to become a powerful communications tool, reliable source of real-time news about governmental overthrows, or a plane landing in the Hudson, it had to start by being fun to play around with on more trivial topics. In essence, people tweeting about what they had for lunch got them ready to tweet about more important events. As Biz Stone said, “A system that can topple a regime has to also handle fart jokes.”

Which leads me to Biz Stone’s next endeavor and my nomination for Best New Social Media Platform, Super. Designed to enable the user to convey more emotion, Super is a load of fun. You start putting in ideas with conversation starters and Super suggests images and layouts to take connecting with others to a deeper level.

I believe Super is something we’re all going to be using in the very near future. So for its ability to bring a new dimension to communicating and dialing up the fun factor, Super is my nomination for Best New Social Media Platform.

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Alec Pollak
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