Broncolor: Our New Production Studio, Our New Partnership

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Broncolor/FotoCare Visit from JUICE Pharma Worldwide on Vimeo.

When we decided to build our own production studio at JUICE, we also made the decision to buy the best equipment out there. For us, this meant buying Broncolor.

We knew that opting for-top-of-the-line equipment would save us money in the long run, since the Broncolor system is very modular. Picture it as a Lego set – it can be modified to fit our needs and new pieces can be purchased in order to expand our system in the future, instead of having to buy all new equipment.

Jeffrey Hirsch, President of Foto Care, coordinated our Broncolor purchases, and also arranged for Broncolor’s president, Jacques Bron, to visit our studio. I have to say my favorite part of the visit was when Jacques walked by one of our lights that had the Broncolor logo upside down. He stopped, took the piece off, turned it around, and put it back together. This kind of precision and attention to detail is exactly why we’re so excited to have built a formal partnership with Broncolor.

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Michael Kaminski
Executive Producer, Director of Production

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