Challenges of Quality Assurance at the 2014 QA Summit

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With so many stakeholders involved in digital projects, there are numerous chances for something to go wrong. As a speaker at this year’s QA Summit for Digital Marketing, Sara Allen lays down best practices for ensuring everything goes right. In her upcoming presentation “Programmers Are From Mars, Brand Teams Are From Venus,”  Sara discusses the importance of carving out time for a fundamental but often overlooked activity—a conversation about the conversation, to make sure all parties are thinking about the key terminology in the same way.

JOAN WILDERMUTH: Hello and welcome back to A Shot of JUICE. I’m Joan Wildermuth and I’m here with Sara Allen, our Director of Development. Welcome.

SARA ALLEN:  Hello. Good to be here.

JW: You are gearing up for an important summit where the focus is the challenges around quality assurance in the ever-changing landscape of technology.

SA: Yes. It’s the 2014 Quality Assurance Summit in Digital Marketing in Chicago.

JW: And people from all over the country, people from advertising, digital organizations, marketing managers from all industries are going to be in attendance.  You actually are going to be hosting a presentation.

SA: Yes, I am. My talk is titled “Programmers are from Mars and Brand Teams are from Venus.”

JW: That is awesome. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

SA: Sure, sure. It’s all about communication and today’s ever-changing landscape. There are so many terms out there, such as web versus native, responsive, tracking, tagging. And with all those terms, we have to make sure that everyone on the team is on the same page. For instance, does your client understand the same understanding of that term as your account person? Or does the art director have a general understanding of how the technology works so that the art director can deliver the art asset for the technology? I will be talking about how to facilitate conversation.

JW: So these are really important issues and I assume you are going to present some ideas on how to avoid problems or overcome them if they do occur.

SA: Yes, I will be presenting some very simple, fundamental ways to facilitate conversation throughout the project timeline, which that can directly impact the project’s success.

JW: We will also have an interactive booth where Sara will be talking further about best practices that we have for quality assurance at JUICE. And she will also be creating a white paper that you can come back and download.

SA: Yes, I will come back and put together a list of key takeaways and put that together into a white paper to download.

JW: So be sure you come back and check back with what’s next in health and wellness here on A Shot of JUICE.

Catch Sara’s presentation at 2pm, October 2, and then stop by our interactive booth where you can continue the conversation around QA best practices with Sara and others from JUICE.

If you’re not able to attend, or even if you are, be sure you come back here, for Sara’s full report of the QA Summit highlights.

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