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Welcome to the pinnacle of the JUICE 2015 GameChanger Awards. If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we sent a large crew down to Austin for SXSW 2015 in search of the ideas, technology, and visionaries that are poised to change the future of healthcare.

We took in hundreds of extraordinary presentations, talked to dozens of cutting-edge thinkers, and played around with numerous new devices, looking to bring the best of the best back to you. We posted 22 GameChanger nominations in 5 categories. (If you haven’t viewed them already, you really should—below and in our archive.)

For the final GameChanger Awards showdown, we narrowed the nominations down to the 2 most awesome per category. The nominees then pitched their innovation or innovator to the agency and we voted. Below are all the finalists:

Best New Platform or Service

OpenBCI and Backyard Brains. These platforms make the science behind neuroscience advancements available to the public along with the tools to encourage experimentation and progress. Genome Trakr. This network of laboratories collects and shares genomic and geographic data from foodborne pathogens and provides real-time analysis to speed investigations into outbreaks and reduce foodborne illnesses and deaths.

Best New Wearable

Circadia Health and the iTBra. This extraordinary undergarment is able to detect breast cancer far earlier than ever imagined. Myo. An armband that measures electrical activity in muscles to allow the user to wirelessly control a computer.

Best New App

Sophie by Geppetto Avatars. A virtual healthcare avatar interacts in a very human way, making it an invaluable physician’s assistant. HealthMap. This app brings together disparate data sources to deliver a comprehensive and real-time view of emerging infectious diseases, locally and globally.

Best New Social Media Platform

Super! The bold new way to share your thoughts and emotions with others. Meerkat. The platform that enables live streaming video on Twitter.

GameChanger of the Year

Martine Rothblatt. Her life of radical innovation includes advancing xenotransplantation, artificial intelligence, transgenderism, pharmaceutical development, space exploration, robotics, and more. Social Robots as presented by Cynthia Breazeal. They respond to facial cues, track eye movements and hand gestures, and learn, thus opening up tremendous possibilities of impacting human behavior, attitudes, and performance in powerful ways.

Be sure you check out all the nominations. They are all poised to change the game for our business in some way or another. And watch the above video to find out this year’s ultimate GameChangers.


Be sure to come back soon to stay on top of what’s next in health and wellness.

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