Today’s Email Can Do A Lot, Lot More Than You Think

We loved email for a long time because it was so measurable. Then we tolerated it despite open rates dropping to close to zero. Now it’s loved again. Marketers who do any (ideally all) of these 3 things particularly love email:

  1. Apply the latest email best practices.
  2. Leverage email’s marketing automation capabilities, and use it to drive performance across other channels.
  3. This one can be huge for pharmaceutical marketers—use email’s video delivery capabilities to change the game for pharma reps.


Front-load your subject lines
The most clicked subject lines start with words specifically about medical conditions, and end with benefit words. In the following examples, the first subject line received nearly 10 times more clicks than the second.

Example #1: “High blood pressure: Stop it from stopping you”
Example #2: “Introducing a brand-new treatment for depression”

“Send time” makes a huge difference
There are defined windows of time when HCPs and patients are most receptive to emails. Time of day and day of the week have a big impact on open rates.

Your “from line,” “subject line,” and “preheader” should all work together

BUT! The preheader must be directly programmed or you will get one of these two unwanted outcomes:

Unwanted outcome #1
The device defaults to the first few words in the email, eg, “Shoveling snow, even the fluffy stuff, is a no-no.” That makes sense if you’re actually reading the email content about high blood pressure, exertion, and heart risks. But it’d be confusing or look like spam as a preheader.

Unwanted outcome #2
Worse, the device defaults to: “Trouble viewing email? Use Browser.” That usually gets zero clicks.

Net net? Write a smart preheader and program it.


Email has pioneered marketing automation, increasing its own power, as well as the power of your other channels.
Email campaigns can be incredibly sophisticated: auto-adjusting messaging based on device and time of day, personalizing based on prior audience behavioral patterns, and using future predictive modeling. Simple software dashboards let you track and tweak your email. You can also take the marketing intelligence being gathering and apply it to other channels, from banners, to website copy, to iPad e-detail content, to SEO strategy. That sounds complicated but the automation makes it surprisingly easy.

Email is now a powerful video delivery channel for your sales reps with open rates higher than 20%.
Nearly all physicians would rather learn about a drug from a video than from a sales rep’s presentation. Start arming your reps with video-embedded emails and give them a powerful new way to connect with doctors, demo your product, and even provide content doctors will want to share with patients.

A few stats

  • Emails with “video” in the subject line get an average 20% open rate among HCPs and patients. (Video Demand Metrics, 2016)
  • Emails that include video content get a 96% increase in click-through rates. (Forrester, 2016)

Email is constantly evolving and has capabilities many people aren’t aware of. Knowing what those capabilities are and how to use them will help you maximize the strength of your email campaigns, and ultimately, strengthen all your digital communications.

Things to think about

  • Email has evolved with many powerful new capabilities.
  • Are you taking maximum advantage?
  • Are you using video-embedded email for your sales force?

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact me at

About the Author:

Colleen Carter
EVP, Business Development


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