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We’re sending a team to Chicago to bring back all the news, from innovative new treatments to updates on the ongoing controversies.

This years theme, Collective Wisdom: The Future of Patient-Centered Care and Research, promises to reflect the more empowered role patients are playing in their treatment.

Hello and welcome. Mark Breckenridge, PhD, and I are about to depart for the 2016 ASCO in Chicago and well be posting highlights throughout the conference.

This years theme is Collective Wisdom: The Future of Patient-Centric Care and Research.

This is particularly important as it emphasizes the need to combine knowledge from various disciplines, cancer types, treatment approaches, and big data technologies with a more patient-centric focus.

And nothing is more patient-centric than the continued excitement of immunotherapy. If 2012 was the sunrise moment of immunotherapy, we are approaching high noon with checkpoint inhibitors announcing efficacy in several new tumor types and long term survival data for different combinations.

And along these lines, treatment with targeted therapies continues to mature, with biomarker testing and genomics playing increasingly important roles in matching the right patient with the right therapy.

It promises to be a great conference make sure you check back frequently to get all the highlights.

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