GameChanger of the Year: BioArt

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Imagine if Leonardo da Vinci had access to the bio-data and technology of today. What might he have imagined? What else might he have invented?

Today, artists are exploring the tools of biomedicine, genomics, ecology, and synthetic biology to bring life, art, and technology together. Consider the implications of cheese aged with human bacteria, meat and leather grown from animal cells, or 3D portraits informed by the DNA of a single strand of hair.

Artists like Karen Ingram and Heather Dewey-Hagborg of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago are part of this emerging genre of art, referred to as BioArt, which uses living tissues, bacteria, and organisms to create intriguing and even appalling works of art.

Without the restrictions that scientists and medical researchers have, BioArtists are able to explore the controversial territories, push the boundaries, and make unusual discoveries.

In fact, I think BioArtists may be the ones who bring about major changes in health and healthcare. And for that reason, this movement has my vote for GameChanger of the Year.

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Alana Cowan
VP, Group Art Supervisor

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