GameChanger of the Year: Martine Rothblatt

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Every year, 4 out of 5 viable transplant lungs are discarded because they cannot get to a transplant surgical team in time. In response to this shocking statistic, Martine Rothblatt got to work stat—employing her illustrious “knows no boundaries” attitude—to produce 3 pioneering solutions that are so technologically advanced, they’re potential JUICE GameChanger Award gold. 

First, Rothblatt and her team created an artificial body environment that increases transport lung viability time. But this solve—so successful it’s been extended to organs beyond the lung—she considers only short-term. Next, Rothblatt looked at modifying the pig genome to engineer humanized, transplantable pig organs. The results are promising to say the least. Her most far-reaching idea yet, however—using 3D printing to create a collagen scaffold that will ultimately allow individuals to use their own DNA to generate a personal supply of organs—is the most boundary-pushing of them all.

"I love being a humble person making bold choices," Martine Rothblatt once said. Of bold choices, we couldn’t agree more. But for the woman who formed a pharmaceutical company to find a treatment for her daughter’s rare disease, holds the title of highest paid woman CEO in the United States, and created a cyber mind clone (social robot) of her wife to first and foremost call herself humble?

More power to her, because Martine Rothblatt’s accomplishments are so momentous that they’ve earned her a JUICE GameChanger of the Year nomination—and we think humble is the last thing she needs to be.

Ethicist, attorney, engineer, transhumanist, cyberconsciousness-enthusiast: Martine Rothblatt truly defies all limits. We can’t wait to see where her curiosity, questioning authority, love, and doing (CQ LOVE DO, as she puts it) takes her—and the future of the healthcare industry—next.

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