GameChanger of the Year: The Human Cognition Project

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1000 steps. 1200 calories eaten. 500 calories burned. Whether it’s through an app, wearable, or another type of monitor, we can track every aspect of our physical health, down to the exact number. But the physical only constitutes part of our well-being. What about cognitive health?

Sure, doctors have the ability to track cognitive health in the clinical phase via specialized hospital equipment. But for people with neurologic disorders such as Alzheimer’s, it’s the pre-clinical leanings that hold the key to future monitoring and treatment. To step inside the pre-clinical phase, we need a “brainhack”— and The Human Cognition Project is creating it for us.

At Lumosity, researchers are using a braintraining app to trace, monitor, and predict cognitive decline, allowing them to track and diagnose neurologic disorders at a much earlier stage. The potential this project holds to maximize cognitive agility, mental well-being, and brain disorder treatment is positively mind-blowing….and why The Human Cognition project is nominated for JUICE GameChanger of the Year!

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Sarah Hudnall
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