GameChanger of the Year: MyLAB Box

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Safe is sexy! That is the goal of MyLAB Box, my nomination for JUICE GameChanger of the Year.

MyLAB Box is an at-home kit that tests for STDs like HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis.

MyLAB Box is making STD screening quick, discreet, and painless. A simple finger prick is all you need for the HIV test. You mail in your samples, and in about a week you can check your results online or by calling a toll-free number.

Today, with 1/3 of Americans living with a STD, it is clear that conventional testing methods simply do not work.

Traditional in-office testing is riddled with inconvenience, discomfort, and multiple and lengthy appointments which may lead many to skip their annual exams.

Super easy-to-use, MyLAB Box distinguishes itself from the instant kits because it is the?only kit approved by the FDA for HIV. All other instant kits are not FDA-approved, are sold illegally in the United States and therefore, lack accuracy levels.

That’s why it’s a GameChanger. It’s 2016. You would have thought this would have been available years ago!

Doctors can recommend MyLAB Box to patients who prefer discretion, who want inexpensive testing, and who have limited time for doctor visits. It allows people to test as frequently as they would like.

Preventing infection and early STD detection saves lives. MyLAB Box was designed to return the control of your sexual health to you, so you can make more informed and proactive decisions, and that’s why it is a GameChanger.

Remember, safe is sexy!

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