GameChanger of the Year Nominee: Bioelectronics and CalaHealth

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In the study of bioelectronics, scientists, pharma, and engineers are joining forces to discover medicines that haven’t been seen before by looking in a place where no one has looked before the human nervous system. With over 1 trillion nerves controlling all of the body’s organs, the nervous system is the Internet of the body.

Driven by the confluence of semiconductor technology, blue-tooth technology, and the computational capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of objects is now migrating to human biology. Semiconductors are now at biologic scale and able to work in the body.

With pharma as the integrator engineering, medicine, and therapeutics are integrating to create new bioelectronic therapeutics.

Under the leadership of CEO Kate Rosenbluth, PhD of Cala Health, a new class of neuroscience therapeutics is being created. These are super-specific tiny devices implanted on nerves that can read the electrical signals and then correct a plethora of health problems from diabetes to infertility to blood pressure regulation to bone fractures.

The human body is designed to reject what does not belong. How can scientists integrate an electrode with a biologic nerve? Low temperature, minimally invasive surgical strategies, and carefully designed microsurgical tools are part of the answer. Designing clinical trials and FDA regulations are another part of the answer.

GSK as a primary pharma partner in this quest has taken a leadership role with an open source way of collaborating to develop these world-changing technologies.

Proof of concept studies are expected within three years and within a year there will be more data presented to the public.

These bioelectronic agents will give new meaning to the term wearable as they are implanted on nerves in the body to fix the software of the body. Bioelectronics as a new class of medicines will have a transformative impact on human health. This is a vision of medicine without pills where the body is returned to normalcy.

For their pioneering work in Bioelectronic Medicine, we nominate Kate Rosenbluth, PhD and Cala Health for the JUICE GameChanger of the Year Award.

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