Hack Your Way to Unique, Real-World Healthcare Solutions at the SXSW MIT HackMed Health House?

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In this unprecedented 3-day event, designers, innovators, healthcare experts, and patients come together to take on one of our biggest healthcare challenges?providing meaningful solutions for people living with chronic diseases. Attendees will learn how to recognize unmet patient needs, create ideal customer journey maps, and design prototype solutions. Participants will have the opportunity to pitch their novel solutions to start-up accelerators, venture capitalists, and healthcare industry experts in Shark Tank-like sessions called the Barracuda Bowl.

Through the use of hackathon thinking this 3-day workshop promises to uncover unique and meaningful ideas that have the potential to make a real difference in peoples lives.

In partnership with MIT Hacking Medicine, the HackMed Health House is hosted by Abelson Taylor, HCB Health, and JUICE Pharma Worldwide, and sponsored by Otsuka Pharmaceutical.

Download the PDF for all the details, and be sure to stop by the session if youre in Austin. Come back here for a recap.


FORREST KING: Okay, hello. Forrest King here and with Bob Palmer.


FK: And we want to talk about the MIT Health Hackathon at South by Southwest, which is getting a lot of interest. So, Bob, can you tell us a little bit about it and why it’s gaining interest?

BP: Sure. It is getting a lot of interest. It’s a three-day event in partnership with the MIT Hacking Medicine team. And JUICE is hosting it along with two other major independent agencies, and that’s AbelsonTaylor in Chicago and HCB Health in Austin, Texas. It’s a three-day workshop that takes place right across the street from the main South by Southwest convention hall.

FK: That’s good. That’s a good location.

BP: Yeah, it’s a great location.

FK: So it sounds interesting, sounds fun. And it’s over three days, so can you break it down?

BP: Yeah, let’s break it down by days. On day one, which is Saturday, it’s a patient co-creation workshop and it addresses the challenges facing people who live with chronic disease. Participants will help create the ideal customer journey map and learn how to co-create a startup. So it’s a very interesting day. Day two features an interactive design thinking workshop. And what that is, it’s followed by a mini-hackathon with the MIT Hacking Medicine team.

On day three, which is Monday, that’s a really fun day because that’s our Barracuda Bowl. And the Barracuda Bowl is a shark tank type competition between the health startups. So startup founders will get to pitch their idea and they’ll be grilled by audience members and by industry experts, including venture capitalists and funders who have done this sort of thing before.

FK: Yeah, very cool. So sounds like a great real-world, entrepreneurial experience for everyone involved.

BP: Yes, it certainly is. And people will learn firsthand how to identify a real need in healthcare and then how to design a prototype solution and turn it into a startup.

FK: Cool. So it’s app-based, is that right?

BP: It can be app-based. It doesnt necessarily have to be. It can, it can be anything that uses technology to improve people’s lives with chronic conditions.

FK: Great. So the three agencies are going to be there. JUICE is going to be there. Are you going to be there every day?

BP: I will be there every day.

FK: So, cool. So we’ll be reporting back. You can follow us at juicepharma.com on our Viewpoints on the Website or you can follow us on YouTube to find out what’s going on at South by Southwest. And I think that’s a wrap.

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