Hidden Warriors Comes to JUICE B12 Studio

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Personal empowerment has proven to be one of the most potent medications known to humankind. For women who have been diagnosed with cancer, the Hidden Warriors Project is a powerful way to tap into that hidden strength. This extraordinary initiative makes the most of something as simple as a makeover to change the way people think about cancer and their futures.

In innovative Warrior Makeover Workshops, professional photographers, makeup artists, stylists, costume creators, yoga and meditation instructors, occupational therapists, and other creative volunteers and organizations come together to help each woman uncover her inner warrior, ready to take on any challenge.

Earlier this year, JUICE B12 Studio had the privilege of hosting one of these extraordinary workshops. The day began with an abundance of nourishing healthy foods. Then each future Warrior chose the gown, headwear, and avant garde makeup style that would best help her express her most empowered self.

The resulting Warrior photos serve as a reminder, whenever they feel despair or a loss of power, to summon their inner strength.

Founder and president, Marlene Sarli, created this innovative initiative after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Since then, Hidden Warriors has been her guiding post. Her immediate goal is to secure a permanent space to host the makeover workshops and to serve as a community center for women to gather for encouragement, support and love. Ultimately, she aims to spread the word about the importance of self-expression and empowerment in the journey to overcoming cancer.

Those who have taken part in these events have described them as being absolutely transformational and we couldnt agree more. We feel privileged that we were able to help such a life-changing cause by opening up our JUICE B12 Studio space, and we wish Marlene and the Hidden Warriors Project all the best in the future. Empower on!

You can learn more about the work of Hidden Warriors or make a donation by going to indiegogo.com.

Warrior Carmen, member of Gilda’s Club NYC
Headpiece and accessories: Cosmik Souls Handcrafted Jewelry
Gown: Jennise Davis and Dede Ceballos
Makeup: PrissaJean Beauty
Photographer: Troy Plota
Shot at JUICE B12 Studio

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