How can artificial intelligence enhance content creation? | TechQuest at SXSW 2018

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Artificial intelligence is changing the content creation landscape. Today, about 80% of content creators are using some form of artificial intelligence in their workflow. As artificial intelligence grows, so do the opportunities for improving efficiency and inspiring creativity in producing visual content like video.


KOFI ANNAN:  I’m Kofi Annan, a digital strategist at JUICE.  How can AI be used for content creation?

How can AI be used for content creation?  AI is really changing the content creation landscape.  Currently, about 80% of content creators are using some form of AI for automation and some — and part of their process to create content.

AI is very helpful because it’s being used to get rid of some of the repetitive tasks that content creators have to do all the time.  So it’s not replacing the humans, but it’s also aug–it’s really augmenting them so that they could start — they could, instead of doing the — the repetitive tasks, they could actually focus on the storytelling and the human emotion that needs to come through the story, and really about the creati–creativity, and not spend too much time on things like compressing video and sending files and — and editing, sometimes even editing video.  So AI is really helping in that process and — to bring the story to life.

Artificial intelligence is being used by companies like Bloombl–Bloomberg and Reuters to really create content that really resonates with their customers.  AI is being used to process the data, process the past content and look at the customer profile to start creating personalized content out of the broader content that Bloomberg and Reuters are creating.

And this helps drive content eng–customer engagement, along with the distribution more widely through the cha–channels.  AI is being used for a lot of that automation.

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