How can social media be used to build a cult brand? | TechQuest at SXSW 2018

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How do you build a brand consumers don’t just care about, but instead one they religiously advocate for. Today social media is an integral part of turning people’s fondness for a brand into die-hard loyalty. With the right approach a brand can use social to achieve cult-like status by giving their customers something to believe in that goes beyond the product they’re selling.


KOFI ANNAN:  Hi, I’m Kofi Annan with Digital Strategy at JUICE.  How can social media be used to build a cult brand?

How can social media be used to build a cult brand?  Well, we know that people go on social media to connect with others and part of the reason that they share content is that it boosts their ego, so they want to look like they’re in the know.  They like the information, so they think the — the information that they are sharing is going to enhance the lives of their peer group.  And emotion, the content that they engage with helps them feel some kind of emotion that compels them to want to spread that and share that emotion with others.

There are six ways that brands down here at South by Southwest have been talking about that they’re using social to really build a strong connection between the brand and their customer.  The first is to highlight their tribe, so who are the people that they’re talking to and how can they help enhance the conversation within that group.

How are they inspiring the audience?  So they look to inspire the audience with content.  They celebrate the people; they bring the people behind the brand to life in their social — through their social channels.  They’re not afraid for human lightheartedness.  Even in the healthcare space, they’re trying to bring some positive, more forward-looking perspectives across.

They lean into their core.  Whatever the core of the brand is, the crit–critical characteristics that make the brand shine, they’re bringing that forward.  And they’re showing their personality.  They’re bringing the humanity to social media.

While brands are using these habits, there’s — there are a number of ways that they are actually making sure that they’re working optimally within social to bring forth those habits and to bui–start building a cult brand in connection with the customers.  One of the things that they’re using is a brand style guide, so they’re creating a voice and tone of the brand and kind of setting some guidelines about how the brand is going to talk online.

They also have a social customer experience team, or at least people that have been assigned to social that have that — that brand style guide in the back of their head and are really moving things forward.  They’re measuring and tagging the content that they’re put–putting forth.  And they’re testing, learning and adapting.

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