How can you make your brand stand out in the digital age? | TechQuest at SXSW 2018

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With everyone being a connected consumer, the visibility and reach brands can have is something that has never been seen before. But how can brands stand out among countless others just like them? Customer focus. Ask yourself, “what does doing business with us allow our customers to say about their personal brand?”


NATALIE SAYEGH:  Natalie Sayegh from the account team at JUICE Pharma.  I’m coming to you again from South by Southwest today with a new question.  How can your brand stand out in the new digital age?  I really hate to be the one to break it to you but we no longer live in an age where we can just push our message out there and have a captive audience to engage with.

With access to endless information at our fingertips and the way we engage with social media, consumers have so much choice.  What choice means for a brand though is that rather than pushing your message out there, you have to pull business by getting their attention.  If you are able to do this successfully, there is so much visibility and reach you can achieve that was never possible before.

I was at a session earlier this week where Shama Hyder gave a new definition of social media that really resonated with me when thinking about this.  What do you think about when you think of social media?  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, right?  But think about this, people are the new media.  Let that sit.

Let’s take social media.  Why are people on social media anyway?  To connect with others?  Sure.  But the primary reason people are on social media is to showcase their own identity.  What we need to do as a brand is stop thinking about what our brand stands for and what it says about us.  What we need to do is think about what doing business with us allows our customers to say about their personal brand.

Why do you think influencer marketing is so successful?  Because it is what someone with respect and credentials in a group of consumers that identifies with them says about you.

I mentioned a point earlier about visibility and reach we have in today’s world.  Everybody is a connected consumer.  Our phones are an extension of ourselves.  You probably have at least two devices in your immediate reach right now.  I know you have at least one because how else would you be watching this video.

Elon Musk, at his Q&A yesterday, even referred to all of us as cyborgs and he was serious.  If you are able to connect with a customer in a way that they want to be connected with, and in a way that means something to them and not just you, they’ll want to participate in it, want to identify with it and want to share it, therefore instantly extending your reach as a brand.

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