How do you drive growth for businesses of all sizes? | TechQuest at SXSW 2018

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How does innovation get done? Quick tips on how to maintain growth for small to large businesses.


ASHLEY SALZANO: Ashley Salzano here, Project Manager at JUICE Pharma, and I’m reporting live from South By this year. My biggest question is how do you drive growth for businesses of all sizes? A big trend this year at South By is in regards to how innovation gets done. A big issue for small and large companies is being innovative and keeping up with ever-changing market. So what are those key topics that we need to keep in mind when growing our business?

So, what are those four topics that help grow your business and continue to remain innovative? Well, number one, you need to have acceptance of failure. You need to dust yourself off and try again. Number two, you need to remain resilient. Number three, adaptation to an ever-changing market. And number four, probably the biggest, have a clear vision that your company and your employees understand and accept. This way they feel empowered to make those tough decisions and also feel as if they are a key stakeholder.

A great piece of technology to help assist with innovation is an internal communication application. It can help boost employee engagement with one another, as well as share innovative ideas that can pop up at a moment’s notice.

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