Crowdsourcing the Hyperloop

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Traveling at the speed of sound from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a vacuum tube may sound like a far fetched idea to some of you. However, it’s a real project involving a totally new kind of company called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

At Hyperloop, the employees are the shareholders. They offer their services to help get this idea off the ground.

Imagine how many issues there are to solve, from the logistics of travel, to the actual technology, to the physical design of the car.

If you are interested you can apply, make an investment, and work for 10 hours per week on the Hyperloop project. The venture needs engineers, project managers, designers and policy experts. Who knows, YOU could be exactly who they are looking for.

Make sure you get the right company. It’s called Hyperloop Transpiration Technologies (HTT) and the CEO is Dirk Ahlborn.

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