Great Pharma Marketing, Social Responsibility, and Dolly the Sheep

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Advertising for Idealists
Like many people, when I got my first job I wanted to do something really meaningful and “make the world a better place.” But I didn’t go work at an NGO or humanitarian organization. I got a job in advertising. Specifically, pharmaceutical marketing, with a focus on rare diseases and specialty brands.

I can say I’ve spent the past two decades loving what I do, feeling I was helping people in need, and it’s been satisfying. But, as we all know, the MLR and FDA process makes it challenging to create truly great pharmaceutical marketing.

The Hippocratic Oath
Many of my colleagues and I believe that pharmaceutical marketing is, by definition, a social good, and that agencies have the responsibility to do everything in their power to educate doctors and patients, and inspire them to take action. Mediocre marketing doesn’t give you the power to truly help people. Great marketing does. This simple truth is what drove us to form a new division at JUICE to take on this challenge. It’s called JUICE Applied Innovation & Customer Solutions.

Idea Cloning
Inspired by Dolly the Sheep, our Applied Innovation team began trying to figure out how to clone a great idea; how to extract its DNA, and apply it to grow an entirely new one. We think we’ve done it!

Exhibit (A)
Facial and Body Recognition Technology
The idea of Facial and Body Recognition Technology is a good example of “Applied Innovation.” We’ve found a way to harness this technology with a next generation app that helps doctors immediately recognize and understand the many different facial and body symptoms of patients with tardive dyskinesia (TD). Early diagnosis of TD, before it’s become so severe that it’s “debilitatingly obvious,” can increase treatment success by an order of magnitude.

Exhibit (B)
Technology That Reads Emotions
Another example is Emotion-Based Audience Targeting. This is an application of a new and unique technology that gives us the ability to identify audiences based on their emotional state and how they’re feeling. We’re now able to customize the most empathetic, helpful, and impactful messaging.

Doing Well by Doing Good

Those are just two examples of what our JUICE Applied Innovation team does, why we do it, and the beliefs that motivate us. I look forward to sharing more examples of Applied Innovations, including details about how we do things differently, and how you can, too.

If you’d like to learn more about the JUICE Applied Innovation & Customer Services team, contact me at

Until then, I want to wish everyone a Very Happy Holiday Season!

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