JUICE 6th Annual Innovation Expo

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Press a button on a brochure to make a phone call to your care team. Text with a robot to access your copay card. Learn about your condition by watching TV in the doctor’s waiting room. Observe your physician making an accurate clinical diagnosis with a calculator.

Is this healthcare, 20 years from now? Nope! This is technology today, courtesy of the 2016 JUICE Innovation Expo.

JUICE hosts the Innovation Expo each year, aggregating a select group of forward-thinking companies to connect pharmaceutical marketers with the latest innovative products and services. The goal: to allow clients to leverage cutting-edge technology to expand and enrich their promotional efforts. The immediate reaction: serious wow factor.

At the ContextMedia:Health booth, attendees explored a customizable digital waiting room screen that delivered condition-specific content. Through Americhip, they learned how paper engineering works to enable live calls from a printed page. MDCalc demonstrated how doctors are able to make swift, accurate clinical diagnoses through evidence-based calculators. OneVoice illustrated how their data aggregation solution serves to demystify clinical trials and proffer community emotional support for patients with rare diseases.

JUICE brought their A-game to the Expo, too. Marketers toured the B12 Studio, the centerpiece of the JUICE Integrated Production Department, in charge of video and photographic content. They tinkered with breakthrough virtual reality at the Innovation Lab and conversed with Chatbot, an app that delivers information in a friendly, familiar dialogue.

On the floor of the Innovation Expo, a tangible buzz of inspiration and dazzle filled the air. When it came time to hear keynote speakers Mark Bard and Sheila Thorne discuss digital marketing and cultural competency in the pharmaceutical space, attendees were absorbed in thought as the two discussed digital marketing and cultural competency in the pharmaceutical space.

Bard, the co-founder of Manhattan Research and Digital Health Coalition, spoke at length about the substantial gap between social engagement in pharma and the rest of advertising. “Pharma is having a one-way conversation,” he confessed, revealing surprising statistics about the lack of technology use in today’s pharma marketplace—and how we can work to lessen that gap.

Thorne, President and CEO of the Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group, focused on how a solid understanding of cultural competency is essential for effective pharmaceutical marketing. “Everyone in the US is an immigrant,” she began. “The US has never had a homogenous population, but we pretend we are one. How culturally competent are our healthcare providers? How do we adapt the system to be culturally competent?”

The answer, she explained, is to genuinely get to know your market. “Collaborate with ethnic KOLs and trusted community partners. Create culturally relevant materials. Select trusted messengers to create a word-of-mouth buzz. Develop an ethnic media and social media strategy. Feet on the street. Surround sound.” She paused for emphasis. “It’s a journey, not a destination.” A sentiment, I would add, that applies to any sort of innovative change taking place in pharmaceutical advertising.

The attendees left the 2016 JUICE Innovation Expo, filled with ideas on how to apply the new technology and platforms to their respective brands. Where the journey will take them is anyone’s guess. What is certain: the intersection of new technology and the pharmaceutical industry is inevitable, and proactively merging the two is indisputably a step in the right direction.

Check out the video for an introduction to our partners at the 2016 JUICE Innovation Expo.

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