JUICE at ASCO 2015 —Day 1: Expectations

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JUICE Pharma Worldwide was in Chicago to report on the proceedings of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2015 Annual Meeting. Medical Director Florian Brey, MD, and the JUICE team share the latest developments and research advances in cancer treatment.

Florian’s predictions for hot topics in immunotherapy at ASCO 2015:

“Hello, I’m Florian Brey, Medical Director at JUICE Pharma Worldwide. We’re here at ASCO, in Chicago, which is about to start in a few hours. If the previous years have been any indication of what to expect this year, immunotherapy is likely to be one of the hot topics. Those treatments include checkpoint inhibitors, cancer vaccines, and the new data that we’re excited about this year are about viruses that have specifically been designed to target and fight cancer cells and to prime patients’ immune systems to more effectively continue the fight against cancer. We’ll be reporting from the conference. Stay tuned.”

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Florian Brey, MD, PhD
VP, Scientific Strategy/Medical Director

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