JUICE at ASCO 2015 —Resolving Physician Conflict in Oncology

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JUICE Pharma Worldwide was in Chicago to report on the proceedings of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2015 Annual Meeting. Medical Director Florian Brey, MD and the JUICE team share the latest developments and research advances in cancer treatment.

Sarah reports on the newest recommendations around the Sunshine Act:

“There’s no question that pharmaceutical and biotech companies are crucial in sustaining cancer research. In fact, you probably know that private industry represents the majority of funding for research right now.  But the relationship between industry and the individual physician continues to cause financial conflict of interest. And that’s why ASCO and other societies and medical institutions are trying to adopt policies on conflict of interest.

A couple of different proposals were made this morning in one of the sessions around the Sunshine Act. One was to have industry provide vouchers for patient therapy versus samples. Another was to limit CME funding to indirect funding. And then, finally, the last recommendation was to give grants to an institution versus an individual physician. And all of those would help really increase the distance between industry and the individual physician.”

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