JUICE at ASCO 2015 —Using Technology for Patient-Reported Outcomes

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JUICE Pharma Worldwide was in Chicago to report on the proceedings of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2015 annual meeting. Medical Director Florian Brey, MD and the JUICE team share the latest developments and research advances in cancer treatment.

JUICE Medical Writer Sarah Hudnall reports on how technology is refining and improving patient reported outcomes data at ASCO 2015:

“Patient-reported outcomes can play an important role in refining cancer treatments, but it’s not always reliable. You might not always get a full data set. The questionnaires might be too long.  Patients might forget to report. But in this session on how to incorporate technology into your practice, it was suggested that technology actually can support and improve patient-reported outcomes.

Researchers are using smartphones and wearable devices, such as Fitbit or the Pebble watch to track and monitor patient adherence, adverse events, even disease progression through cognitive decline. Some researchers are even using passive tracking, developing algorithms that can predict depression.

And although there are definitely drawbacks—access is an issue as well as drop-off in patient engagement—the potential for using technology to support patient-reported outcomes is huge. It can help refine treatments and it can even identify new treatment targets.”

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