JUICE at ASCO 2015 —Value-Based Healthcare Delivery in Oncology: A New Approach

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JUICE Pharma Worldwide was in Chicago to report on the proceedings of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2015 Annual Meeting. Medical Director Florian Brey, MD, and the JUICE team share the latest developments and research advances in cancer treatment.

JUICE’s Anne Davison explains how patient goals are central to value-based healthcare at ASCO 2015:

“I attended this morning’s opening session at ASCO. In this special session, guest speaker, Dr. Michael Porter, spoke on value-based healthcare delivery. He offered a fresh new perspective and invited everyone in the room to pursue a new path for delivery in healthcare and oncology. His approach was based on setting the right central goal: value for the patient. Creating the value for the patient can be accomplished through a strategy that changes the way oncologists deliver care. He described a few ways that this could be accomplished.

The first, was to reorganize care around patient conditions and he called these: integrated patient units. The conventional way of delivering care through a medical oncologist who refers to additional members of the care team may have worked in the past. However, with the advent of technology and a plethora of promising treatments, this model can no longer deliver the best value and patient outcomes, today. In today’s environment, the teams need to be more connected.

Another important consideration for creating value for the patients is to measure outcomes by condition, and not only to look at survival, but to look at other parameters, such as a patient’s ability to return to normal activities and the sustainability of treatment.

He concluded with emphasizing that cancer treatment is a major driver of life and quality of life. He pled to oncologists to move this faster and imagine what healthcare could become if a value-based approach was used.

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