JUICE GameChanger of the Year: Artificial Intelligence

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At what point are humans fully assimilated with Artificial Intelligence (AI)? It is being called The Singularity, where humans are so connected to AI it becomes hard to tell where the human ends and the machine begins.

There are many questions to be answered. Does this affect how long we live? If our data, thoughts, and memories live on and gain consciousness, are we still embodied on Earth? Does the soul transfer, or does the singularity gain a soul?

These fascinating questions were discussed by The Singularity and the Question of God panel at SXSW. I enjoyed the banter and the mind-blowing stimulation. For example, someone in the audience asked the panel this question, If God created the universe, then aren’t we all part of the Artificial Intelligence of God?

I happened to love this discussion, and while I have no reason to nominate this session as a JUICE GameChanger, I would consider the connection between the spirit and the body an essential part of wellness and well-being.

Psychological health, physical health, and spiritual health may integrate into our AI health as we adopt more and more capacities into our humanness.

Stay tuned for future heated debates that are likely to create deep divides between conservatives and progressives, and policymakers and scientists.

Fasten your seatbelt; it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Perhaps AI should be considered a JUICE GameChanger, but who would accept the award?

Leave a comment or a suggestion if you have any ideas. Check back often for the latest in healthcare technology, and updates on the JUICE GameChanger Award nominees.

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