Top Moments of the 2015 Medical Advertising Awards

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When you put chocolate, alcohol, and some of the greatest talent in the business in one room, things are bound to get exciting—and they did at the recent 2015 Medical Advertising Hall of Fame Awards Dinner.

Inductees and invitees mingled and marveled at all of the strides made within the industry and the people who made them happen. Here are 5 memorable moments of the evening:

1) One groundbreaking bladder
The MAHF Heritage Award went to the legendary Hytrin ad from Abelson Taylor. The simplicity of the “Red Balloon” campaign not only hammered home the symptoms of BPH (personified by the overfilled water balloon) and symptom relief (the clothespin releasing pressure on the bladder) but it marked the beginning of taking a consumer-like approach and airlifting it into pharma advertising. Other recipients of the MAHF award were Sudler & Hennessey for their arresting “visual of the fist/face ad for Navane and the type-centric “slinky” ad for Bentryl.

2) Wickedly talented whippersnappers
Each year the MAHF Future Famers Program gives agencies the opportunity to designate one individual destined to leave their mark on the industry. One by one future famers came up to the stage to accept the incredibly heavy glass award (trust me you could crush a brick with it). Grinning ear to ear, the class of 2015 gives us hope that the future of our industry is in great hands. While there were many impressive inductees this year, JUICE is partial to our very own Emily White Paul, Copy Supervisor extraordinaire. Way to go Emily! Keep the tasty copy and creative coming.

3) Musical chairs

Jay Carter and Robert Palmer at the 2015 MAHF Awards

Jay Carter and Robert Palmer at the 2015 MAHF Awards

Current Chairperson Jay Carter marked the beginning of a new era by introducing incoming MAHF chairperson Robert Palmer, EVP, Managing Director of JUICE Pharma. The passing of the torch was complete as Mr. Palmer delivered a speech promising to preserve the old ways and protect the new ones for all those in the medical advertising industry. We at JUICE are extremely proud and overjoyed to have one of our own lead the MAHF into the future.

4) Doctor, the MAHF will see you now 
Out of the waiting room and into the Hall of Fame came electee Dr. James Barnum (yes, a descendant of P.T. Barnum). Founder of Barnum Communications, Dr. Barnum was an innovator who led the way on several medical advertising fronts including using public relations as part of overall strategy, direct-to-consumer communications, and his appointment of the first female CEO Dorothy Philips (and 2013 MAHF inductee), of a major medical advertising agency to head his firm.

5) Humility and Gace
Francis Gace has come a long way (literally, from South Africa) to make his mark on medical advertising. As cofounder of Lewis & Gace he was a pioneer and innovator, especially in the DTC space with his work on Nicorette—some might say the founding father of the “speak with your doctor” call-to-action. Mr. Gace delivered a heartfelt speech recognizing his partners and clients who have helped shape his career and his life.


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