Merck Adult Vaccination Program Wins PM360 Award

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Thursday, September 18th. An inspirational keynote delivered by Montel Williams set the stage for the PM360 Trailblazer Awards, celebrating excellence and innovation in marketing. Gotham Hall was abuzz with excitement and nerves. Dinner was served. And our dessert macaroons tasted even sweeter with the announcement that the Merck Adult Vaccination Program’s pharmacy content marketing campaign had won gold.

More than just fillers of prescriptions, pharmacists are the future of adult vaccination. Why? For starters, convenience. Pharmacists see patients about 4 times as much as physicians do. And even though they have the ability to expand access to health care, there was a lack of communication specific to this audience. With this in mind, the JUICE and Merck teams challenged and evolved industry norms to communicate more meaningfully with pharmacists.

Enter the Merck Adult Vaccination Program (MAVP).

Created with pharmacists in mind and committed to assisting their vaccination efforts, MAVP continues to break new ground in pharma content marketing with its featured content—regularly updated with consistent, pertinent information in digestible bites.

But it doesn’t end there.

MAVP offers a wealth of knowledge for pharmacists, including support tools to help develop vaccination protocols and the Pharmacy Insider video series showcasing the insights of real pharmacists. And MAVP has proven to be something worth sharing—national pharmacy corporations have reached out and asked to leverage its content for use with their employees.

By expanding access to certain adult vaccines, pharmacists are helping to meet the needs of their community and enhancing their role as valued members of the health care provider network. Through MAVP, Merck has become a center of excellence for pharmacy vaccination.

View the winning campaign here.

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